Everywhere you go you hear music in some way, shape or form. It takes a lot for a track or a selection of music to stand out in a sea of day to day sounds.

When Beatbox come to do a Music Playlist we approach it with 3 key factors;

  1. What is your brand/business and how do you want to promote it musically?
  2. Where does you brand/business trade?
  3. What is your target market?

We'll work with you to gain a full understanding of what you require from one of our bespoke playlists and we'll cater it exactly to your needs.

Our playlists are full of songs custom built to prick your ears up, grab your attention, make you dance, make you smile, make you reminisce, chill you out or warm you up... it's all there and its all artists you know and love. We never use non-descript music as we never want your business to fit into that category!

Beatbox playlist are all killer and no filler!


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    If you are interested in signing to our DJ / Live Act Agency please tell us a little bit about yourself. We want to know your name, location, means of transport, the equipment you use and your top ten musical influences...


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