Not only can Beatbox supply you with great music for your advert or production but we can also film and edit it for you! Leaving you with the finished package...

The Beatbox Video Filming and Editing department take great pride in their work and are as much about the craft as they are about the finished piece.


Beatbox use the most up-to-date equipment and software along with tried and tested methods to produce a superior end product.


We also like to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest editing techniques, effects and styles... not only because it's what we love, but in-order to make something that is different, eye catching and shines through amongst the 'sea of content' already out there.


In the past Beatbox has produced material for every medium - be it film, TV, internet or phone. We have delivered videos with far-ranging styles and themes, for example; a promotional video for the latest high-tech horse simulator, a Jamaican cookery program, a series of music videos for an international DJ ...and a documentary looking at issues in Malawi.


Based in Liverpool, Beatbox's editing suites come equipped with Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe CS6 and Avid software packages which are run on both pc and mac platforms. We have all the equipment needed, along with the ability to transport our gear and travel anywhere in the country. Our equipment selection includes DSLR cameras/lenses, lights/lamps, radio mic's/boom/shotgun mic's, filters, time lapse equipment, steadycam's/tripods and more.


We also have a dedicated department solely for digital effects, visuals, captions, titles and design elements. In the past we have worked for the BBC, Sky and Channel Four. Our work is incredible and in high demand throughout the industry. Showreels are available!


So whether it is a corporate video to highlight your company and win new business, a music video for your newest artist, or a promotional video for your latest product/services.... We've got it covered and we'll make it 'pop'!


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